Meet the Instructors

Brenda L. Schwarzbach MMT MTI CHMI

Brenda is the owner and lead instructor at the school.  She has been teaching massage and bodywork since 1997.

For many years she worked as massage therapist specializing in acute and chronic pain, and her past clients call her the miracle worker.

As the school's co-owner andthe lead instructor, Brenda oversees all classes and has hand picked other instructors who feel a deep commitment to excellence in the program at the Black Brook School.

Licenses and Certifications

Yoga Instructor training 1997

Enertropic Therapist 1997

Massage Therapist 1999

Master Massage Therapist 2000

Massage Therapy Instructor 2002

Creative Healing Instructor 2004

Opened Black Brook School of Massage 2017

Creative Healing Master Instructor 2022

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Greg Schwarzbach LMT

Greg is co-owner and Administrative Officer.

He's the guy who will help get you enrolled into the right class and help you with your paperwork.

He's also the guy who you will see when you are ready to find a job, with all the latest information of places who are hiring and what the best options are for YOU.



Shane Logan MMT

A person attending a massage therapy training

Specializing in clinical and myofascial work for over 20 years, Shane Logan has owned his own spa, worked for the University of Arkansas basketball and golf teams.  He has his own practice located at Weum Chiropractic in Springdale, Arkansas  where he has been for several years.  If you would like an appointment with Shane, plan on waiting at least a month.  He's that good.

As an instructor at the school, since 2018, Shane teaches body mechanics and ergonomics, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, and myofascial work including body reading for evaluation of client posture and compensation patterns.

Misty Hudspeth, LMT, ND, LM and CPM

Misty has been a Licensed Midwife and a Certified Professional Midwife for over 30 years. She is able to integrate bodywork with her prenatal clients.  Prenatal clients is one of the fastest-growing special client populations for massage in NWA. As a progressive and inclusive school we feel all of our students should be able to do a prenatal massage.

During her classes, Misty guides us through the information massage therapists must know for this special population.  At the Black Brook School have a special opportunity for our students as Misty invites her mom's in for a prenatal massage.

Herbs and nutrition are another passion of Misty's and she recently received her Doctor of Naturopathy so she is able to share her expertise with our students in part of our self-care section of the class.

Kellyn Williams LMT

Kellyn's business is Nest and Nurture.  As a certifide Doula and licensed massage therapist she specializes in prenatal and post natal clients.

Kellyn teaches our prenatal massage class with a wealth of information to share.

Elizabeth Brown MMT

  Elizabeth is the owner of Inner Peace studio in Fort Smith Arkansas.

Our last class loved her introduction to LaStone Therapy, which is the original Hot Stone continuing education class offered since the 1993.



Cincy DeWitt LMT



Cindy is a teacher's aid for our weekend class teaching Swedish technique.

She has her own business in Fayetteville and works part time for a chiropractor.

Jeyd Jones LMT

Jeyd will be a teachers aid for the weekday Swedish classes beginning in July.

As a new graduate in April 2023, she can answer a wealth of questions about class and what its like to take the licensing exam.



Zandalee Long LMT

Zandalee will be a teachers aid for the Swedish classes beginning in July.

As a new graduate in April 2023, she can answer a wealth of questions about class and what its like to take the licensing exam.



Brandy Jennings LMT

Brandy is one of our graduated in 2020 and teacher's aids for the Swedish massage module.

Her bright smile shows that she loves working with new students and does an excellent job showing them the ropes as they begin their journey.

She also has her own massage practice at Hazelwood Therapeutic Massage in Harrison, Arkansas.