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Brenda Messling Schwarzbach owner, therapist, instructor

Welcome to Black Brook Massage and Black Brook School.

What has brought you here?

Adventure and a new career  ?

Pain or Stress Relief ?

Do you need Continuing Education Hours to renew your massage license?

Browse our site and you will find information about our upcoming classes for new massage therapists as well as those more advanced offerings for seasoned veterans.

We offer the newest videos being produced in the United States for The Stephenson Method of Natural Healthcare, also known as Creative Healing. This dynamic whole body method is growing in popularity in Europe and we are the only massage school in the United States that offers it.  Our partners abroad use Creative Healing primarily for prenatal clients and those women with infertility issues.  We at Black Brook School offer whole curriculum and are able to certify Creative Healing Practitioners.

About Brenda Messling

Brenda Messling-Schwarzbach  – I have been a massage therapist and instructor for over 20 years in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

I truly love teaching massage and I am passionate about my work with my clients.

I would love to introduce you to my Wholistic Women’s Healing Massage, which allows me to relieve pain and stress in a short period of time for most clients.

Are you are a young woman with PMS cramps?

a woman who is trying to get pregnant using natural methods?

Are going through menopause and having joint aches and trouble sleeping?

Do you have back pain or neck and shoulder issues?

I can help with my massage blend of Stephenson’s Creative Healing and Swedish Massage.



NEW Video released!

Finally! New videos for the USA – Chapter 2 for the Sinus treatment is available to download for only 10 bucks! Based on the book “The Stephenson Method of Natural Health Care.” 

Chapter 2 for Head and Neck released!  Covers Tonsillitis, Strep and Laryngitis.

Moving right along…now Chapter 3 is ready.  This covers the main moves for the upper back.

 Lower Back pain and Sciatica is NOW available!


Call or Email

Brenda:     479-856-5458


What my clients say

“Brenda has helped me tremendously with my pelvic pain. I have sought many forms of treatment and nothing has relieved my pain as well as her massage. I am so grateful for her healing work.”


I use the sciatic treatment over & over & people swear I am a miracle worker! Hahahaha I just wish u lived closer to do more classes in it!!!

Robin Gulladge, Spearfish, SD

Robin Gulledge

“Brenda, I wanted to share an experience since the last class.
“I did the general treatment on several family member who were suffering sinus issues, each of them said they felt headache relief and were able to breathe better as soon as I finished”. Dee W. Master massage therapist, Fayetteville, AR

Dee Wellesley

Brenda takes her teaching very seriously and she is very good at what she does. I love her because she loves what she does and it shows.

Betty Amado, Licensed Massage Therapist, Harrison, AR

Betty Amado