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student tuition due by the 15th of the month


Tuition for Black Brook Students November 2022-2023 Class

Tuition – $6900.00   This class will graduate in July of 2023

$300.00 you should have already paid is for registration, books and student insurance.

Full Payment of class before December 25th will save $500.00 and then the full price is $6400.00 for tuition.

Full Payment –

This class begins November 30 so your first payment is due before December 15.  All tuiton must be paid before receiving your diploma.

Monthly Payment Plan

$6900 Divided by 8 monthly payments is $862.50 per month with 4% finance charge is $897.00

Students may also pay via check, cash or Venmo without incurring the finance charge.   See Brenda or Autumn for these.

1 Tuition Payment December 2022     
2 Tuition Payment January 2023-
3Tuition Payment February 2023-
4 Tuition Payment March 2023-
5Tuition Payment April 2023-
6 Tuition Payment May 2023-
7 Tuition Payment June 2023-
8 Tuition Payment July 2023-



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