Class Tuition

Black Brook School of Massage Tuition Payment Portal

Black Brook Students – Your secure tuition payment portal is accessed here.  All monthly tuition is due by the second week of the month. If you begin payments at the beginning of your term and have 8 monthly payments, the tuition cost is $762.50 each month.  If you are more than 1 week late there is a $10.00 charge.  If you are 3 weeks late you will not be able to come to class until your payment has cleared.

When you make a payment it will show me your name and email so I know which class you are in and which schedule you are on.

Your tuition must be paid before receiving a diploma or before we submit your transcript to receive your license.

Payments for 2022  – All online payments require a 4% finance charge so your $762.50 charge becomes $793.00

Pay Pal credit option should be available to you.

Full Tuition Payment 2022 – $6100.00 + 4% $6344.00

Tuition price will stay the same for the  August 2022 for all students who enroll in the Weekend class.

Monthly payments are $762.50 each month with the finance charge added below.

Tuition Payment July-2022
Tuition Payment August – 2022
Tuition Payment September – 2022
Tuition Payment October – 2022
Tuition Payment November – 2022
Tuition Payment December – 2022
Tuition Payments for LaVida Program Students is $395.00 with a  finance charge each month included.
LaVida May Tuition
LaVida June Tuition
LaVida July Tuition
LaVida August Tuition
LaVida September Tuition
LaVida October  Tuition
LaVida November Tuition
LaVida December Tuition

Brenda Schwarzbach, instructor

graduates will need this link for the background check