Continuing Education Hours Available

All of the classes listed below are approved by the Arkansas Department of Health and the NCBTMB.

Brenda L. Schwarzbach is an approved continuing education provider by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

We are currently teaching the 100-hour certification class for Creative Healing and this class is full.  Contact us if you would like to sign up for the next available offering.

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100 hour Certification Class

For Massage Therapists and other Practitioners

You may choose a class from 6 to 100 hour CE classes depending on your needs and desire for knowledge.  Browse the descriptions below and learn more about what we have to offer.

 Certification as a Stephenson's Method Practitioner is awarded after the entire 100-hour Intensive has been taken and the student can perform a series of treatments correctly.  To receive certification as an instructor the student must take the class twice,  take a practice exam, and be approved by an approved instructor.  In the United States at present, the Black Brook School is the only massage school in the country teaching this modality.

Anyone is able to enroll in our classes.  If you are interested in classes specifically for the 'Gentle Birth Method' we have a 24-hour program that fits this need.

I have put the 100-hour intensive class into 5 blocks.  The 5th block is available only to those who are taking the entire class.  The other 4 modules have portions that may be taken by any massage therapist who would like to get hours in Creative Healing or by those therapists who have already taken the class and want to review certain parts of the class.

Module 1 - Head and neck - 
History, Ethics, Principals, and equipment. Technique applications will include general lymphatic drainage, sinus, and ear congestion, face pain, support for neuralgia in the head, and cosmetic facelift.  Also learn to reduce congestion in the throat, eye support,  headache, and migraine relief.

Module 2 -  Working with releasing the tissue around the spine, pelvis, decongesting the kidneys,  sciatic and leg pain.
Myofascial and lymphatic massage for the back. The Creative Healing application for Sciatica is one I turn to again and again. Some weeks I've used this on as many as 5 clients.
The treatment for sciatica also includes: Nourishing the kidneys, massage and nerve support for whiplash, myofascial movements for helping specific dermatomes.
Of course, the largest part of the class is for relief for Sciatic pain and weakness in the legs,  For the middle part of the back, there are applications for pain between the shoulders and working around the scapula.

Module 3 - arms/ shoulders, knees and feet -  There are separate massage movements for pain in the arms, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, pain in the hands, Dupuytren's contracture, wrist pain, swollen fingers, swollen ankles, sprained ankle, restless leg syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

Module 4 - The digestive organs, diaphragm, and heart, 
Abdominal Massage for the digestive organs, heart, and diaphragm.  Abdominal toning,  and decongesting the tissue around the Gall Bladder, Liver, Spleen, and Pancreas.  Wonderful relaxing applications for stress, anxiety, depression, shortness of breath.
Relieving stress in the chest, and the diaphragm is great for both men and women.

Module 5 - The Female Treatments - for relieving PMS, prenatal clients, menopause, pain in the lower abdomen, and movements specifically recommended for the Gentle Birth Method. Female disorders, incontinence, and infertility.

Module 6 - This is a 100-hour certificate student class only.  Asthma, lung congestion, constipation, tailbone, issues of men and boys, children and infant treatments, and treatments for the elderly.  Male issues including stress, infertility, back pain, Issues for children and infants.

 Clinical practice and exams will be scheduled for the completion of this class.  Completion of the certificate class will also allow you to qualify to become a globally recognized Gentle Birth Method Practioner.


Gentle Birth Method Short Course – 24 hour class


We will explore the philosophy and the foundation of Dr. Gowri Motha ObGyn program. including her thoughts about why she has spent the last 25 years developing Gentle Birth Method. We will touch briefly on diet and nutrition, herbs, and the use of Ayurvedic medicine, reflexology, visualizations and Bowen technique. The bulk of the class will be the applications of Stephenson’s Creative Healing used for the second and third trimesters.

The class includes all of the Creative Healing treatments Dr. Motha uses in her Gentle Birth Method Programme in London, England with prenatal clients from all over the world. The applications you will learn will do the following:

  • Reduce nausea and vomiting
    Optimize digestion and pancreatic function
    Increase energy levels
    Reduce breathlessness
    Reduce anxiety and stress
    Eliminate back and neck pain
    Eliminate sciatica
    Stimulate the lymphatic system in all key areas of the body, especially the pelvis

If you like to work with prenatal clients who are committed to having a natural birth this is a wonderful class.  This class is only NCBTMB approved.

Beyond Basics Head Neck and Sinus’s 6 hour class

Beyond Basics Head and Neck – 6 hours
CE classes need to give you information you can use with your clients immediately and be presented in a fun and engaging way.

This class includes:

Basic concepts and principals
Using a bench and olive oil
General treatment
Headaches and migraines
Sinus, stuffy ears without inflammation
TMJ, Pain in the face, Face lift

Needs for class – hand towel, linens, table, oil​

Stephenson’s Method for Hips, Back and Sciatica – 12 hour class

Therapists who work with back pain on a frequent basis will find these CE classes invaluable.

The Creative Healing application for Hips, Back and Sciatica is one that I have use for years for people with acute or chronic Lorsosis and sciatica.
The class also includes information and techniques for

  • pain in hips, legs, knees and feet
  • discomfort in the Kidney region
  • Twisted hip
  • How to use the low back and sciatic treatment in prenatal clients
  • Applications of the sciatic treatment in the elderly with chronic pain issues.

There is ample demonstration and hands on training
Needs for class – linens, table, hand towel,  large bath towel


Beyond Basics Shoulders and Arms 6 hour class

Beyond Basics Shoulders and Arms – 6 Hour  CE classes
This Stephenson’s class combined with Swedish massage addresses the following issues that concern many massage therapists and clients
1. Pain in the arm
2. Unable to raise arm above head
3. Checking for carpal tunnel syndrome.
The Filter beds in the wrist
Ganglions, Throwing the arm away pain, Restless arms

1. Tennis elbow
2. Golfer’s elbow
This is also useful for Rotator cuff injury, Wrist and Hand issues,  Dupuytren’s contracture
Arthritis,  Jammed finger, Painful thumbs
Discussion for specific issues of arms and hands for massage therapists

You will need a hand towel, bath towel, your linens and your table

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Creative Healing for Prenatal Clients 18 hour class

Prenatal Class for CE’s

The bulk of the class will be the applications of Stephenson’s Creative Healing used for the second and third trimesters.

The Arkansas approved class includes several of the Creative Healing treatments Dr Gowri Motha ObGyn uses in her Gentle Birth Method Programme in London, England, but does not cover Dr. Motha’s philosophy and recommendations outside of the Creative Healing treatments.

  • Relax and support your prenatal client
  • Reduce morning sickness symptoms
  • Optimize digestion and pancreatic function
  • Increase energy
  • Boost the immune system
  • Boost kidney function by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Decongest the tissue of the pelvis

If you like to work with prenatal clients who are committed to having a natural birth this is a wonderful class.

Creative Healing for Women – 18 hour class

Two Day Class

Part 1-
Head, Neck and Sinus issues
The facelift technique

Part 2

A discussion of low back pain, lordosis, and sciatica

Techniques for pain in the low back

Part 3

Lecture and Demonstration for the abdomen
PMS, Menstrual pain, Menopause

Mr. Stephenson’s thoughts about weight loss and weight gain

This application of Creative Healing is also excellent for clearing the organs during pre and post menopause

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Stephenson’s Natural Healthcare Method

Honoring the Belly – 12 hour class

Honoring The Belly 12 hours   NCBTMB or ADoH approved fro two days of CE classes

Creative Healing application for the digestive system
What is the Digestive tune-up?
Discussion of how abdominal massage may help low back pain

How this is used during pregnancy
Thoughts on diabetes, fibromyalgia, depression,  celiac disease, gluten intolerance,

  • yeast overgrowth  and other digestive issues
    Abdominal toning

Needs for class – linens, table, breast drape for women, hand towel,
Demonstration with Lots of hands on experience as always!

This is part of Module 3 offered in October, 2017

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Honoring the Breath – 12 hour class

Creative Healing applications for the Lungs and HeartMr. Stephenson’s ideas on breathing and how the lungs work.
Mr. Stephenson’s thoughts about tight clothing and chilling the lungs
Brief refresher on the anatomy of breathing
Relax the shoulders – free the breath
Relaxing and engaging the diaphragm

Educated breathing and how to re-educate your client.
Issues of the mid-back
Understanding the way ribs move
Demonstrations of the quarter turns along the spine

needs for class – linens, table, breast drape for women, hand towel, oil.

Enertropic Therapy – Upper Body Basics 6 hour class


Enertropic Therapy means and energy movement in response to a stimulus.

I have been using this neuromuscular work since 1997 for acute and chronic pain.

Using finger pressure to access a unique pattern of locus points on the body gives you a wonderful way to release pain held in the tissue with less work.

You will need your table and linens


Enertropic Therapy – Lower Body Extended Hands On – 6 hour class

Enertropic Therapy means and energy movement in response to a stimulus.

You must have taken the Upper Body Basics class before attending this one.

Sciatic pain, referred pain and pain in legs and feet will be addressed.

This class will include all 4 patterns and how to link them up by using paired points.

I will also show you how to work as tandem therapists on the same client as well as how to do Enertropic Therapy for self care.

You will need your table and linens

Therapeutic Stretch Class

Therapeutic Stretch – 6 hour class – Arkansas Department of Health approved only

I love this class and it is broken up into two parts
Part 1 is for the therapist. Let’s learn those holding patterns you have as a therapist or other activities you do on a regular basis and find stretches that will target those problem areas for you.

Part 2 is for your clients. Using soft tissue release and other active and passive stretches I will show you ways to stretch the client while on the table.Needs for class: day 1 soft clothes you can stretch in, a blanket or yoga mat for the floor, Day 2 you will need your table and linens.

and no we won’t be throwing each other into the air, but its a cool idea!


Therapeutic Foot Spa Class

Therapeutic Foot Spa – 6 hour class – Arkansas Department of Health approval only

Therapeutic FootSpa is a great add on for your clients and is also a fun way to get your CE’s.

The class is in two parts

Part one is the spa which includes brown sugar scrub and peppermint foot wrap and reflexology relaxation techniques.

Part 2 is Exercises for the feet and Creative Healing applications for working with bunions, sprains, sciatic pain in the feet swollen ankles, plantar fasciitis and pain in the heel.

You will need to bring: 3 hand towels, two bath towels, 2 wash cloths and a basic for hot water.  You will also need your linens and your massage table.