Creative Healing

Joseph B. Stephenson's Method of Natural Healthcare

Creative Healing had humble beginnings.

Joseph B. Stephenson was born in northern England in 1898 and at an early age knew one of his goals in life was to keep people from dying too soon.

Joseph was an intuitive healer.  He knew without knowing how or why his hands moved as they did.  He only knew to trust his hands and the inner voice that told him if someone needed help.  In northern England during this time period, it wasn't uncommon for people who had this type of intuition to be honored for their gift.  His mother agreed if he dreamed the same thing more than once she would take him if he felt he was needed at any time of day.  He felt in his heart his gift of healing came from God and never doubted what God told him as he knew it would be true.  This unerring confidence in his work as it developed would be one of the strongest attributes of his ability.  Guided by God's hand he knew his hands had a great responsibility, but it would be many years before Joseph would actually begin his career as a man of creative healing.


Joseph's father and several other relatives were coal miners. In the village of Wylam on Tyne where his family lived there were several coal mines.  When Joseph was small in stature but he went to the mines as well and became an accomplished engineer.  Later he became a pit boss with men under his guidance.  He left England and immigrated to the United States in the early 1920s and was employed by the Berwin mining company in Windber, Pennsylvania.  In a freak mining accident, one of his legs was crushed and he was taken to the nearby Windber Hospital where he would spend 2 1/2 years waiting for the orthopedic surgeon Dr. William Wheeling to replace his femur which had been crushed entirely by a large rock.

After living in Pennsylvania for many years and after using his method on many people both in and out of a local hospital, he retired to Long Beach, California.

The first Creative Healing book to be distributed globally

It was in California where he began to teach his work and this is where 'Creative Healing' was really born.    Mr Stephenson died in 1956 and then his two students John Hunt and Mable Gunderson were the primary instructors.  Later, John and Patricia Bradley and Stanley and Resha Sabre who had trained extensively traveled around the world teaching Stephenson' Method.


in many countries and distributed the first book on Stephenson's work which is still available on today.



Rebecca A. Jackson and her husband Bill became students of Creative Healing in the 1980's.  She had a couple different instructors including John and Louise Hunt.   She fell in love with the work and became a Master of Creative Healing. Becky later knowing she wanted to teach Creative Healing to massage therapists went to school to learn massage.  A native Texan, Becky moved to  Arkansas and opened her massage school in Fayetteville, Arkansas in 1996.

  • Brenda Messling graduated from Becky's school (The Northwest Arkansas School of Massage) in 1999 and she became a Stephenson practitioner in 2000.
  •   Jamie Sanders, Michelle Kenyon and Misty Hudspeth are all graduates of Becky's school.
  •   Jamie, Michelle and Jonna Townsend have all taken the 100 hour class and are Creative Healing Practitioners. Misty is also working toward her practitioner certificate.

In 2004 Brenda and Becky traveled to London, England and taught a class for Dr. Gowri Motha Obgyn and her team of practitioners and midwives.  Today, Black Brook School of Massage LLC is the only massage school in the United States that teaches Stephenson's work.




What is Creative Healing?

Curious about Creative Healing?

Find out more about Stephenson’s Method

Creative Healing can be used as a natural treatment for various conditions by itself and can also be employed in a standard massage  routine.

  • headaches
  • low back pain
  • sciatica
  • sore throat
  • sinus problems
  • headaches
  • migraines
  • pigeon toes – really!
  • digestive problems
  • infertility
  • prenatal clients
  • PMS
  • Night Sweats
  • Restless legs and many more.

Brenda is the only person who is approved by the NCBTMB  to teach this modality nationally for continuing education.

The only books in print at this time in the USA are “The Stephenson Method of Natural Health Care”  and “Creative Healing” both published by the Joseph B Stephenson Foundation and edited by Patricia Bradley.  The books can be found on Amazon.

A video was made by John Hunt back in the 70’s and may be difficult to acquire.  Brenda and Greg Schwarzbach have started a newer version of videos for the book and those can be found on Youtube via the Black Brook channel or Gowen channel respectively.


Chapter 1 the General Treatment

Greg Schwarzbach Video producer

In 2016 Greg began a video series to complement the text book on Creative Healing as the old video series was on VHS and is no longer available.

With the help of some wonderful models, Brenda would do the treatments and narration and Greg did the filming and production.

We have a YouTube channel you can check out with the video’s we have presently completed.

Greg’s video channel for Stephenson’s Method

Greg’s YouTube channel

Enjoy watching the sinus treatment. Just one of the video guides that can accompany the text for The Stephenson Method of Natural Healthcare 'Creative Healing'.