Massage Appointments

Relax, Relief or Renewal

30 minute massage $40.00

Spot Therapy!

Massage Appointments are available for Relief, Relaxation and Renewal.

Are you experiencing headaches or trouble turning your neck?

Do you have pain in your shoulder or another joint?

My 30 minute massage is great for  specific issues and we may have time for general relaxation as well.

I may use hot packs, or hot stones and essential oils to boost your results.

30 minute massage $40.00

60 minute massage $75.00

Relaxing Massage Gift Certificates

Relax, Relieve and Renewal with my Wholistic Women’s Healing Massage

The 60 minute massage will give you a chance to have any specific issue worked on and be able to relax and de-stress from you day.

I offer hot stones, essential oils and perhaps a hot pack for your neck or back, depending on what your needs are.

Deep relaxation is a way to let the body renew in my quiet and safe atmosphere.

60 minute massage $75.00

90 minute massage $115.00

Renewal and Letting Go Gift Certificates

A 90 minute massage may be best for you.

I find that 90 minutes gives us time to consider the body as a whole.

It is plenty of time to have several issues worked upon and lets you really unwind.

Hot pack or hot stones, essential oils and plenty of time for the massage to let you drift away as your body

Gift certificates will be mailed upon receipt of order.

lets go of pain and stress.

 I’ve been doing pain therapy for over 20 years, I know where those tight places are and together we can get the body to let the tension go.

My massage can be a bit interactive with stretches or if you prefer you can drift away and as my client Kimberly says – let me work my magic.

90 minutes $115.00

PEMF Comfort!

Add a PEMF Treatment with your massage for just $10.00

Increase your circulation, decrease inflammation, relax your entire body and boost your immune system with

10 minutes in our ‘Pulse Room’ for only $10.00 per session.  Our Pulse Electro Magnetic Field Therapy mat is

a great way to chill out before your massage or use it afterward to increase your benefits.

One of my clients describes the mat this way.  “For I while I could feel the buzz while I lay on the mat, but toward the end of the 10 minutes it was like I became the buzz”.


What's PEMF?