Black Brook Graduates

It takes a Village

Our commitment to individual growth includes people, community and time outdoors being connected to our incredible natural world.  Massage is a wonderful modality and it can help a wide variety of physical issues.  Spiritual issues are different and having a strong connection to other people and the natural world around us is crucial.  Join our community of like minded generous and compassionate people and we will all grow together and create a better planet, even if its just where we are at this moment.

4 generations of therapists!

Therapists in Fayetteville, Rogers, Springdale and Bentonville

Shane Logan MMT – Instructor at BBSM

Shane teaches the deep tissue and myofascial unit at the school.

Over 20 years as a therapist, spa director,  work with athletes at the Univerisity of Arkansas and his own practice gives Shane a wide variety of experiences to share and teach from.  His classes are engaging, informative and give students new eyes to see their clients.

Beyond general Swedish and relaxation massage, Shane’s work is truly therapeutic.  He has his own practice in Springdale, Arkansas.


Bronte` Stewart LMT graduate 2019

Bronte` brings her years of compassionate work as a counselor into her massage practice.

As a therapeutic therapist, she does excellent work.  Her office is in Fayetteville, AR.


Just Be Massage and Wellness

Cindy DeWitt LMT Graduate 2021


Cindy, graduated in 2021 and she has begun Willowood Massage in Fayetteville, AR.


Kylie Long 2021 LMT

Kylie is working at Lotus Massage

19 Mountain Street

Fayetteville, AR 72701


Becky Reed 2021 graduate

R and R Massage NWA.

Becky Reed is working at the Rogers Activity Center.

You can book an appointment with her


Skyler Pike LMT graduate 2020

Skyler is presently working at Solace Day Spa in Fayetteville, Arkansas

As an extreme athlete himself, he works with deep tissue massage and myofascial techniques to decrease pain and structural disfunction.

He can be contacted at 972-743-9772

William Ireland LMT 2022 graduate

William is currently working at Ozark Holistic Center in Fayetteville



Brittany LIttle LMT graduate 2018

Brittany Little lives in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, and does massage part-time.

She specializes in Deep Tissue massage.

She works at Massage On Main, 111 Buchanan St.  Prairie Grove, AR 479-856-2625.

Kellyn Williams 2021 graduate


Kellyn is a doula and has had her own business for some time called Nest and Nourish

Soon she is able to offer massage as well.

Jonna Townsend LMT/ licensed Esthetician

Jonna has a license as both a massage therapist and an esthetician and she works at Blake Street in Bentonville, AR.


Alison Taylor LMT graduate 2020


Alison has expericence doing therapeutic massage at a physical therapy clinic.

Presently she is working at Blake Street House in Bentonville, Arkansas. 

Personal phone number is 573-239-2762

Cody Lucas LMT graduate 2020


Cody does massage at Karas Health Care

767 W. North Street

Fayetteville, AR

479-387-7854  or contact him at

Jamie Todd Thompson LMT graduate 2017

Jamie graduated from the school in 2017 and is dual licensed as a massage therapist and esthetician.  She has her own practice in Springdale.

Tracy Maze LMT

Tracy has been a massage therapist since 2000 and has an office in Springdale.


You can find her at All about You spa in Springdale, Arkansas,

Their Facebook contact page is here





Daria Barerra LMT graduate 2021

Daria has her own massage business near Rogers, AR.
She can be contacted at 479-445-3557.


Autumn Anderson LMT 2022 graduate

Brendan Maxwell LMT graduate 2019

Brendan and his wife Erin share a massage business and you can contact him at.



August (Gus) Widner LMT Graduate 2021


‘Gus’ graduated in May of 2021.  Is presently working at LaVida in Fayetteville, AR and loves it.

Gus completed the 100-hour Creative Healing class with Brenda Schwarzbach in 2021 and is a current teacher’s aid for the Swedish module.


Sherri Plancheon LMT

Sherri has been a massage therapist in Springdale for many years and does Swedish massage and Vita Flex therapeutic work.

She works out of Weum Health Center and her Facebook page can be found here. 



Tara JoCorbino LMT graduate 2019

Tara is working at Ozark Holistic Center in Fayetteville, AR and also part time with Amber Dehn at Bell Journe Spa in Rogers, AR.





Christen Spain MMT

Christen is owner of Bodyworks in Fayetteville.  She specializes in athletic and deep tissue massage.




Therapists in Eureka Springs, Harrison, Branson and Saint Louis

Brandy Jennings LMT Graduate 2021

Brandy has opened her own massage business near Harrison, Arkansas called Hazelwood Therapeutic Massage

She completed the 100-hour Creative Healing class with Brenda Schwarzbach in 2021.

Brandy is also one of the current teacher’s aid’s for the Swedish Module.


Valerie Haight LMT graduate 2019

Valerie’s office is located inside Sachet Salon at 121 Industrial Park Rd. Harrison, AR 72601.  She recently completed training with Dr. Gowri Motha ObGyn in England for Gentle Birth Method for working with Creative Healing massage and prenatal clients.
Call her at  870-391-1504

Cathy Jaimison LMT graduate 2019

Cathy Jamison opened her own business called Get ahhh Massage which she shares with other therapists in Harrison, Arkansas.

The beautiful shared space is newly renovated and also provides an area for classes.





Jennifer Murray LMT graduate 2019


Jennifer presently works in Branson Missouri at Spa02 in Branson, MO.

We recently took a massage cupping class together and had so much fun.

Linda Warren LMT 2021 graduate


Linda is working in Leslie Arkansas at Linda Kay’s Body Works.

Kimberly Floyd LMT Graduate 2021


Kimberly will be working as a massage therapist in St. Louis, Missouri.

She has begun her own business and you can find her at the St. Louis Wellness Center



Lillie Velesquez LMT 2022 graduate

Lillie is working at the hospital in Harrison, AR.

Tanya Tracy LMT graduate 2020

Tanya is currently working as a nail tech and a massage therapist at

the New Moon Spa in the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs.




Therapists in Fort Smith, Tulsa, and Central Arkansas

Graduates currently working in Fort Smith and Tulsa

Raymond Graham LMT 2022 graduate

Raymond is working at Inner Peace in Fort Smith.

Mitzy Jones LMT2022 graduate

Mitzy is working part time at Inner Peace in Fort Smith

Katie Evans LMT Graduate 2021

Katie Evans is working as a massage therapist in Tulsa, Ok

Her phone # is 918-895-0611

Licensed elsewhere in the US



Lexy Diaz LMT Graduate 2021


Lexy is the owner of Kokoro Sports in Fayetteville, Arkansas where she’s a health coach as well as a massage therapist.

Lexy also completed the 100-hour Creative Healing class with Brenda Schwarzbach and the Gentle Birth Method class with Dr. Gowri Motha ObGyn so she can have the tools to help prenatal clients.


Julia Chandler graduate 2021


Julia has recently moved to Hawaii and is in the process of getting her massage license there.

Rachael LaGrue Graduate 2021

Graduates but not yet licensed



Karissa Hobbs graduate 2021

Summer Rahmoeller Graduate 2021

Shandi Childres 2022 graduate

Stefani Settle 2022 graduate

Tess Everett 2022 graduate

Molly Oman 2022 graduate

Sofie Goodsell 2022 graduate

Diana Ocampo 2022 graduate

Karen Blasingame 2022 graduate

Alicia Buechler 2022 graduate

The Black Brook Community – supporting people and businesses



Blake Street House

The school has done events at Blake Street a couple of times and the wonderful atmosphere and the amazing staff are fun to be around.  Check out their membership only facility including a spa in Bentonville, AR.

Therapods Float Spa


Therapods Float Spa is a great place to work and they are supporters of the school.

Check out their magnesium float tanks.  They have also hired our graduates in the past.


LaVida Fayetteville

We support by LaVida, Fayetteville

You can find their website here





Arkansas Fitness Network

We Support the
Arkansas Fitness Network



BodyWorks Fayetteville

BodyWorks in Fayetteville supports the school and our students.  It’s a great place to work.




Misty Hudspeth LMT licensed Midwife and Instructor

Misty is passionate about her career as a licensed midwife with over 30 years of experience.

She is a licensed massage therapist and graduated in 1998.  We are luck to have Misty as part of the staff and she teaches our unit on working with prenatal clients.

The women that Misty works with are able to come to the school for a complimentary massage as part of the curriculum.  This gives our students some amazing experiences most other schools are not able to offer.


She can be found at Ancient Birth Traditions in the same building as the school.

Phone(479) 236-7049

Derrick Dohmen LMT graduate 2021



Derrick does event massage for athletes and teaches part of our business class.  He also has his own insurance and investment business.

Tri Cycle Farms

We support Tri Cycle Farms!

Brochu Hypnosis Center

John Brochu MTI

John is a licensed massage therapy instructor and has taught classes at the school in Sports Massage, Stretching and Communications.

As a certified hypnotist, with a business in Fayetteville, Arkansas for many years.

John has been kind enough to do group hypnosis sessions for our students with test anxiety.

See him at Brochu Hypnosis Center


Jianwen Ren LMT graduate 2020

Jane is dual-licensed as a nail tech and massage therapist and is taking appointments on a limited schedule in Fayetteville, AR.


Adam Wood

Tuition Payment August $50.00- 2022