Black Brook Community

It takes a Village

 Whether outside the classroom or inside we feel Black Brook School is a community of people who are committed to the health of people and the planet.

Community Matters!

The massage community in Northwest Arkansas is alive and well.  When I graduated massage school in 1999 I wasn’t expecting that some of my classmates would still be some of my best friends nearly 20 years later.  Like any school or business situation you build relationships  and  networking and service to others can be some of the most rewarding parts of your career.

Massage is only one part of personal well being and we have partnered with businesses and individuals that we feel share our goals to help people be stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually and have a joy and passion for a healthy planet. The community is blooming because of the support of so many fellow businesses, massage therapists, clients and friends.

Would you like to join us?

Brochu Hypnosis Center

Spa Botanica in Rogers

The Bodhi Tree Salon

The Bodhi Tree Salon

Solace Day Spa

Solace Day Spa

Stonebridge Meadows Golf Club

Sherine Lovegrove Creative Healer/ hypnotherapist

Dr. Gowri Motha