Black Brook Community

It takes a Village

 Our commitment to individual growth includes people, community and time outdoors being connected to our incredible natural world.  Massage is a wonderful modality and it can help a wide variety of physical issues.  Spiritual issues are different and having a strong connection to other people and the natural world around us is crucial.  Join our community of like minded generous and compassionate people and we will all grow together and create a better planet, even if its just where we are at this moment.

Brittany LIttle LMT graduate 2018 BBSM

Greg Schwarzbach LMT graduate 2018 BBSM



Sita Scott graduate 2018 BBSM

Jamie Sanders MMT instructor

Valerie Haight LMT graduate 2019 BBSM


Tara Jo Corbino LMT graduate 2019 BBSM

Amanda Eddy graduate 2019 BBSM



Christina Fritchie LMT graduate 2019 BBSM

Christina works at Fayetteville and Eureka Springs



Bronte Stewart LMT graduate 2019 BBSM

Cathy Jaimison LMT graduate 2020 BBSM




Jennifer Murray LMT 2019 graduate BBSM

Brendan Maxwell LMT graduate 2019 BBSM

Brendan works at Lavida Rogers, AR


Alison Taylor graduate 2020 BBSM



Skyler Pike graduate 2020 BBSM



Cody Lucas graduate 2020 BBSM



Habib Ghanim LMT instructor 2007 graduate Blue Cliff

Tanya Tracy graduate 2020



Jeff Ward graduate 2020


Shane Logan MMT 1999 graduate of White River

Misty Hudspeth LMT licensed Midwife 1998 graduate

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Dr. Gowri Motha

Sherine Lovegrove Creative Healer/ hypnotherapist